Lease your own space VS rent an office in Westend on Sixth


Cheaper to rent with us that rent your own space


No long term commitment to lease.  We require minimum 3 month commitment, which is negotiable.


No personal guarantees


Get the operational cost benefit of a large business for your small business


Walk straight into your own office – no purchase of assets (furniture, kitchen items, etc) or establishment

of services (internet, power, telephone, etc)


Let us worry about the month operating costs.  You focus on your business


Professional Receptionist providing free ‘Meet and Greet’ service


Latest technology in phone systems, internet and boardroom


Boardroom booking system, 6 hours per week complimentary use of our fully equipped boardroom


Telephone call charges – $50 free allowance


Printer/fax/scanner – $50 credit for printing and scanning free of charge


Undercover client parking – 2 hours free client/guest parking


Receptionist salary for ‘Meet and Greet’


Security camera surveillance – with access to camera’s from your Suite


The Café is free of cost – fair use applies


Each Suite has its own individual “Zone master” air conditioner controller.  


All tenants are free to use the sixth floor 105sqm balcony, outdoor furniture, pool table and BBQ facilities

for lunches, meetings and functions.

Comparison Case Study – small business owner plus 2 -3 staff

 Cost per annum

Committed expenditure:

 Lease on ‘A spec’

 Lease on ‘B spec’

 Westend on Sixth – Business Suites (A Spec)



Cost of Rent – Area




 – Usable office space for desks




 – Unusable office space (walkways, etc)




 – Reception area




 – kitchen area




 – boardroom or meeting room









A spec per sqm

B spec per sqm



Rent before outgoings per sqm






Outgoings per sqm






Inc of rent



Avg. p/m








Inc of rent

Telephone line rental (ISDN x 4 lines)





Inc of rent

Telephone equipment rental





Inc of rent






Inc of rent

Printer/fax/scanner (Konica Minolta business base model)





Inc of rent






 $        55,730

 $        47,740

 $         26,400


 $        29,330

 $        21,340

How Virtual Business Address Can Uplift Your Business

You have a business, but it may not be in an exclusive business location. You may be operating from an  in-home office space or your business is one that does not require elaborate office space, such as those in trucking or farming. You know that your client list would grow if you were situated in a prestigious, well known business location, but the cost is outside your budget. Today’s advanced technology can solve those concerns without either a physical relocation or expensive costs. You only require a virtual business address.

Quite simply, a virtual business address is a leased business address that you provide to your customers for contact capability. It is managed through a served office firm while you actually remain in your present location.

A very positive advantage of a virtual business address is for those occasional times that require you to have a face to face meeting with clients. These virtual business addresses are real brick and mortar buildings that have vacancies, which are let for their virtual business address customers. Meeting space can be arranged for use of a single one room office as well as a conference area to accommodate numerous individuals.

Serviced offices fully understand your need for a complete professional package. To assist in your success, they can arrange for all required business accessories, like a computer, printer, fax and copy machines, telephone, video presentation equipment, and a receptionist if needed.

Your clients will have a positive perspective of your business acumen. Your business will thrive while your outgoing costs will be kept to a minimum. Using a serviced office firm for a virtual business address is one giant benefit you give yourself. With a virtual business address, there is no pressure to up your business volume only to increase your business expense with a move to an upscale physical location.

You work very hard to ensure your business reputation and success; there should be no need to worry about covering increased liabilities. You stay where you are when you have the advantage of a virtual business address. Let a serviced office management firm assist you with the best virtual business address for your business needs

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But what is a serviced office…

Basically, it’s everything you want from an executive office, only with less costs involved.

Serviced Offices are a total office solution, offering fully-fitted and furnished spaces, ready for immediate occupation. The Serviced Office Operator, like Westend on Sixth Business Suites for example, takes care for all of the services to the building, and in addition provides a range of business services including reception, secretarial support, conference and meeting facilities, video conferencing, networking and high speed internet access.

Whilst at first glance costs may seem high, the rent that you pay includes almost all of the costs that you would normally expect to pay in addition to renting a conventional office. There are no additional costs for body corporate rates, heating/air conditioning, lighting and power, security, cleaning, building maintenance, elevators or insurance etc, and in some cases like at Westend on Sixth Business Suites, rent also includes the costs, for telephone/internet usage and meeting rooms and even functions and morning tea.

Another great cost saver of using Serviced Offices is the savings on furnishings, which can be a significant cost for any occupier. Furniture, which is normally the latest workstations with chairs, filing systems and tables for meeting rooms are all included in the serviced office rent; and most serviced offices are fully fitted with high-speed internet and wire-less internet options.

The typically short-term lease or contract, is also a major difference between serviced offices and traditional offices, which is one of the main reasons for deciding to use them. A serviced office lease may be as short as 3 months, or more typically 6 or12 months, giving many businesses the flexibility to shrink or expand as their business requires. A very different scenario from the long-term lease normally associated with a traditional office.

One of the fastest growing and most ingenious sectors of the global property market today, the serviced office industry has been nothing less than explosive in the past few years. The European business model has made it’s way to Australia where the popularity has been growing increasingly for businesses in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Industry Trends

As outlined in a market research report by industrial research company IBISWorld, the shortage of prime property in resource rich states of Western Australia and Queensland is expected to drive demand for serviced office space.

The article states that, the flexibility of serviced offices has galvanised their position in the office property market. Catering to clients looking for prestigious locations minus the hassle of locking into a 10-year contract.

As corporate activity surged, the dearth of office property vacancies was a boom for industry participants. However, this boom was short lived as the financial crisis swept through the country. As businesses scrambled to salvage their operations, firms scaled down their workforce and delayed projects. Across Australia, as tens of thousands of Australian workers were made redundant, the need for additional floor space declined dramatically.

The drop in revenue in 2007-08 and 2008-09 resulted in 0.9% annualised growth over the five years through 2012-13. Compounding the severity of the situation is the high office property vacancy rates in Melbourne and Sydney. As business confidence is expected to remain flat in 2012-13, industry revenue is projected to grow 2.2% in 2012-13 from the previous year to $520.3 million.

As economic growth is expected to return to historical trends, IBISWorld forecasts that industry revenue will grow an annualised 4.7% to $656 million. The shortage of prime property in resource rich states of Western Australia and Queensland is expected to drive demand for serviced office space; however, the elevated number of vacancies in Melbourne and Sydney will depress overall industry revenue growth. Thus, in 2013-14 industry revenue is only forecast to grow 3.2%. Beyond this, technological developments and changing workplace cultures are anticipated to enhance demand for mobile workplaces. As more corporations move towards increasing workforce flexibility, industry participants are best positioned to offer such solutions.

Read more about IBISWorld‘s findings