Frequently Asked Questions

…let us clear them up for you

Question 1: What security is there in the building?

Answer: All people have access to level 6 of Southport Central 3 during business hours.Outside business hours a FOB security access device must be used to get access to the lifts on ground level or in the commercial carpark levels. Furthermore, the FOB must be used inside the elevator to get to level 6. Note; FOB’s are programmed by building security specific to the tenancy level in the building.
Entrance into Westend on Sixth also has its own security by way of magnetic door lock. To access the Suites in Westend on Sixth you must use the FOB (we program the building FOB to work with our system) or enter your code into the Control Panel outside the door.

Visitors can call your Suite or telephone extension from the Control Panel outside the door to advise you of their presence. You can then unlock the door from your telephone. All tenants have access to CCTV footage inside the common areas of Westend on Sixth and you can see if people are waiting outside.Our CCTV is recorded to hard-drive and tracks all persons entering Westend on Sixth. All Suites are individually keyed. Suites can be locked at the tenants discretion.

Question 2: Where do I park?

Answer: Parking is available in the building in both the Residential ($120 +GST per month) and Commercial areas ($150+GST per month). Council parking and other term parking is available within a short walk.

Question 3: Where do my clients park?

Answer: 2 hour free parking is available in the first two levels of or building. A card must be taken from the machine on entry and validated on leaving at a payment kiosk. If 2 hours is exceeded there are additional charges payable.

Question 4: Can I pay my monthly rental with my credit card?

Answer: Yes, we take MasterCard and Visa. We do not charge any processing fee so earn those points! We also offer our bank account details to tenants for direct payment.

Question 5: How much notice do I need to give if I want to terminate my tenancy?

Answer: We require two months written notice of your decision to terminate your Suite tenancy.

Question 6: What is the cost comparison?

How does the cost of an office and facilities in Westend on Sixth compare against renting my own premises?

Answer: Westend on Sixth is targeting small business owners who would otherwise rent an office size of 60 to 100sqm. It is cheaper to rent with us than take on your own lease and overheads. The simple way to consider what we offer is your own office with shared common areas.
Consider the costs and commitments to rent your own office:
• Leasing – The cost of a premium ”A Grade” space on the Gold Coast ranges from $250 to $400 per sqm depending on the length of the lease you enter into. That is, you may get a lower rate when entering committing to a long term lease of say 5 years. Unfortunately most business do not know where they will be in 3 years, let alone 5 years. At Westend on Sixth we ask for an initial 6 month commitment and then monthly. Note; an initial one month bond is payable and rent is paid monthly in advance.
• Personal Guarantees – with any commercial lease it is common practice to enter into personal guarantees for the term of the lease.
At Westend on Sixth we do not require personal guarantees.
• Outgoings (rates, water, etc.) – All commercial leases pass on (or build into the rental) the cost of outgoings. Outgoings range from $75 to $125 per sqm.
At Westend on Sixth outgoings are included in your fixed monthly rate. The only additional monthly cost will be tolls, facsimile, printing and photocopying over your allowance.
• Power – it is common practice to pay a Bond to the power supply company. You will also pay standard fixed charges and then for usage. The power cost for a small office would range from $200 – $300 per month minimum.
At Westend on Sixth power is included in your fixed monthly rate.

• Telephone and tolls – A small business would normally at least two to three ISDN telephone lines (four to six lines). The cost per ISDN2 is $66+GST per month, so you would be expecting to pay between $132 to $198 +GST per month. A modern telephone setup would also use VoIP setup for outgoing calls, utilising the ISDN for incoming. A basic small system setup costs minimum of $6,000.
At Westend on Sixth we have invested in the latest Samsung ISDN / VoIP technology for a occupancy of over 50 people. We use ISDN2 lines and VoIP sip trunks for outgoing calls. Each Suite gets two Samsung digital handsets and $50 per month of calls. Note; local and national calls are charged at 15cents flat per call. Additional phones and ‘soft phones’ (PC based) are available at a nominal cost. Suite tenants should not use more than the $50 per month allowance unless they high users or make frequent international calls.
• Internet – Most business data plans require a 24 month commitment and pricing ranges from $70 +GST up. You also need to add the cost of a telephone line to carry the data unless you are using a ‘Naked DSL’ service.
At Westend on Sixth each Suite gets 30GB of data free of charge per month. This should cover most Suite tenants requirements unless they are excessive users (i.e. downloading applications, music and games). Extra data is billed at $10+GST per 10GB per month.
• Security – See FAQ on security.
• Furniture – Most businesses do not budget the financial outlay required to furnish their office.
At Westend on Sixth we provide at least two sets of tables and ergonomic chairs.